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What would it be like to look back a few months from now and see your life transformed, your thoughts changed for good, and your dreams were actually within reach?

You have a                                   for your life. Now imagine playing big. Waking up everyday to your thriving business & making an impact.  Looking in the mirror and unapologetically shining & owning your greatness. Feel those butterflies of excitement vibrating throughout every single cell of your body & imagine channeling all those incredible emotions into a career, life, and experiences that fill you up. Your cup is overflowing with gratitude & you know you're living to your fullest potential.

Now... did reading that light you up? Did it stir up some doubt? Maybe a little bit of both? These hopes you have might feel abstract and honestly intimidating AF no matter what "stage" you're at in your life or business. 

 We just need to turn shit up a notch and throw in some strategy, sprinkle some confidence, calibrate to the quantum, and ignite that beautiful blazing hotttt                       in your soul. I want you to be stocked up. Prepared. On fire & succeeding in business & life. With unshakeable certainty.


It's time to be big.

 You were meant for more, & it’s up to you to take action to do what you need to do
to get yourself there.

guess what?

Just because you have those thoughts doesn't mean you're "broken."

& just so you know, no matter where you're at currently, the power is within you to grow, heal, pivot, increase your revenue, change your life, etc. It's always been within you.  All you may need is a guide and mentor like me who has been there and can listen to you, lead you, hold you, cheer you on, and show you the way

In fact, you are capable, powerful, & absolutely incredible.



I am ACTUAL PROOF that this is possible for you. My story is insane; yet, I have created my own brands from the ground up, I’ve coached hundreds of business professionals, I run an impactful nonprofit, and I’ve been slaying the social media game for over a decade. I manifested the shit out of my life. I had to figure it all out alone (which was A LOT) but you don’t have to. My core mission is simple: to inspire, empower, and impact millions of people who have big dreams to do what it takes to achieve them. 

You were meant for more, & it’s up to you to take action to do what you need to do to get yourself there.

If your body is vibrating a full “HELL YES,” then fill out the application below. Making sure we're a good fit is super important, so if we're in alignment, we’ll discuss options!

This is next level legacy shit.

You're pure magic, & you deserve it all. 

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“If you’re looking for a sign to work with Shelby, this is it! I have first hand seen her accomplishments over the years."

"She has helped to impact so many lives through her personal brands and businesses… and now, she is going to be teaching you how she did it! What a gift! I have personally mentored her and I assure you, your mindset, business strategy, spirit, and soul will grow and you will experience breakthroughs!”

Ingrid Vanderveldt

CEO of Empowering a Billion Women, EBW Distributors, & Vanderveldt Global Investments

“Working with Shelby has been amazing and life changing for me. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her! "

"She is genuinely authentic and always has a smile on her face. She is a true master at her craft, and has endless ideas when it comes to all things business strategy.”

Stephanie Martinez-James

Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Psychic Medium

“Shelby is amazing! She takes an individualistic yet dynamic approach to coaching"

"She helps you overcome the core beliefs and problems that are holding you back in business and in life so you can soar! If you’re ready to invest in yourself to level up, I recommend Shelby 100%.” 

Anna Means

“Shelby has a strong marketing and sales skillset."

"She’s extremely positive, creative, and willing to go above and beyond for her clients. She builds trust through a value-first approach and naturally generates business through building relationships.”

Kyle James

VP of Innovation at EasyHealth

“Shelby is tenacious in the face of much adversity."

"She is also a community builder and leader. I would recommend working with Shelby… as I know she will deliver results!”

Courtney Bickert

Social Impact Expert & CEO of LaughingMatters