Step out from behind your wall of procrastination that leaves you staring at the clock at 5pm wondering where the day went.

The Empower Hour

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Let's face it...
I'm sure it feels like you need to have all the answers.

What if I look stupid?
...I'm not going to post it.

What if I fail?
...No one is going to buy this.

What if I don't have the resources?
...She has more money, time, &
followers than me. 

Am I good enough to make this happen?
...There's no way I can freaking do this.

And while you're fighting yourself in your mind, a part of you is also trying to figure it out. If only you had the picture perfect "strategy," right? So you end up getting overwhelmed. This leads to avoiding, playing small, playing it safe...

Before you know it, it's the next day.
You've procrastinated, & again you're staring at the clock at 5pm wondering where the day went.

I know. Because I was there.

Whether you have a vision you're looking to bring to life, you're experienced in business looking to scale, OR you just feel stuck and are looking to get out of your own way, book an Empower Hour with me and I will let you know whether or not your fears are founded. I will let you know where you need to be thinking FROM in order to get BEYOND things that have stood in your way so far.

I will help you understand what you're doing & thinking that's stopping you so you can begin the process of dismantling all of it.

Clients I've worked with have broken down barriers and had breakthroughs in their businesses. I can help you do the same IF you're ready to hear the NO BS version of why you're still where you are & what you need to do about it to get to the next level.

I want you to ditch the overthinking for a moment and soak up EMPOWERMENT & ACTIVATION vibes.

The power is within YOU. It’s always been within you and you know it… that’s why you’re here.

Understand this...

“If you’re looking for a sign to work with Shelby, this is it! I have first hand seen her accomplishments over the years."

"She has helped to impact so many lives through her personal brands and businesses… and now, she is going to be teaching you how she did it! What a gift! I have personally mentored her and I assure you, your mindset, business strategy, spirit, and soul will grow and you will experience breakthroughs!”

Ingrid Vanderveldt

CEO of Empowering a Billion Women, EBW Distributors, & Vanderveldt Global Investments

“Working with Shelby has been amazing and life changing for me. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her! "

"She is genuinely authentic and always has a smile on her face. She is a true master at her craft, and has endless ideas when it comes to all things business strategy.”

Stephanie Martinez-James

Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Psychic Medium

“Shelby is amazing! She takes an individualistic yet dynamic approach to coaching"

"She helps you overcome the core beliefs and problems that are holding you back in business and in life so you can soar! If you’re ready to invest in yourself to level up, I recommend Shelby 100%.” 

Anna Means

“Shelby has a strong marketing and sales skillset."

"She’s extremely positive, creative, and willing to go above and beyond for her clients. She builds trust through a value-first approach and naturally generates business through building relationships.”

Kyle James

VP of Innovation at EasyHealth

“Shelby is tenacious in the face of much adversity."

"She is also a community builder and leader. I would recommend working with Shelby… as I know she will deliver results!”

Courtney Bickert

Social Impact Expert & CEO of LaughingMatters